Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What motivates you when it comes to fitness?

Motivation can be defined as the want, need, or desire that energizes and directs behavior.
In other words, what helps boost your energy and helps get your butt to the gym? 

There are many different answers to the previous question, but not everyone has found their motivation to get started. The three biggest source of motivation are food (good and bad), increased quality of life, and family. Does this sound familiar? Let's take another look.

One of my favorite fitness quotes is 'Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live', and when you think about it, it's true. What you eat and put into your body has great effects on it's outcome. A lot of times people believe that the more you workout, the more you can eat. This is a half-true and half-false statement. With the increase in calorie burn during a workout, your body will require more calories to be taken in to refuel what was lost. But the foods we are looking to take in should be nutrient dense, or foods that supply a good portion of your daily needs such as essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, all while keeping the calorie count low. Rewarding yourself with a healthy snack or meal is the best way to keep your body on track.

Quality of Life:
When you walk into a gym, any gym, you can clearly see that people are at different stages in their fitness journey. People who have been working out since the day they could crawl, all the way to the newest member to the gym, who has never lifted a dumbbell a day in their life. It's important to remember the real reason you are here; to create a healthier and more fit you. Remember, 'When you feel like giving up, remember why you started'.

We've all heard about, if not seen, the show The Biggest Loser and the great outcomes of each participant. They endure brutal workouts and completely change their eating habits in order to achieve their goals. But if you ask any of them what their biggest motivation is, most will answer, family. They have a spouse at home they need to take care of, or a few kids that want to play. It's not easy having to pass up an opportunity to spend time with family because you are not in a state of being where you can keep up. Use your family as your support system and motivation to change your life.

At the bottom of each category there was a source of motivation, whether it be food, better quality of life, or family. 

So find what motivates you. Once you've found your source of motivation, write out a few goals on a pieces of paper and keep them visible. By visible, I mean place multiple copies of your goals around the house or office to aid in keeping your eye on the prize.

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